Simple Pre-Design Questionnaire

Please complete the forms below so we may begin planning your new website design. Contact us as soon as you can if you have any troubles. We will not be able to accurately quote you or give you direction with your website until all forms are completed. Additional information may be required at a later time.

TIP: All websites can be upgraded, added to and developed into much deeper content later. Focus on the basics to get it going now.

  • Who Will Be the Single Point of Contact from Your End for this Project? Using Multiple Points of Contact Must be Approved by Omaha Computer Service Pros.
  • Do you have a logo in high definition? If so, please attach the vector or HD file to your response. (If not ask us about our logo design service)
  • 1-2 example sites for us to reference on a new site build for your company.
  • How soon do you want to start building a new website?
  • Do you have a budget or price point for this project?
  • Anything else you would like to add to help us understand your specific website situation and needs?
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